Jiangsu Aohai Marine Fittings Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a large-scale heavy industry enterprise that specializes in the production of marine anchor chains, marine mooring chains, welded steel plate anchors and steel buoys. The company plans to invest 988 million yuan.


At present, the company's total investment in engineering equipment for the first phase of the project is 450 million yuan. The main production equipment includes 5 # chain unit, 7 # chain unit, 9 # chain unit, 11 # chain unit, vertical anchor chain tempering furnace Tensile testing machines, metal cutting machine tools, mechanical performance testing machines and shot blasting machines.


Jiangsu Aohai uses advanced flash welding technology to professionally produce marine anchor chains, mooring chains and large-scale mining chains with a chain diameter of 22 ~ 182mm.


Our company has ISO9001 certification, 18001 certification, ISO14001 certification, API certification and (LR), (ABS), (DNV), German Classification Society (GL), (BV), (KR), (NK), (RINA) , China Classification Society (CCS), (RMRS), (IRS), and other classification society certifications and military anchor chain qualifications.


First: the largest manufacturer of marine anchor chains, military anchor chains and marine mooring chains in the industry;


Second: the quality of anchor chain, mooring chain and steel buoy is the strongest;


Third: the most complete qualification industry;


Fourth: service advantages: 24 * 365;


Fifth: emergency replacement of anchor chain We promise to deliver within 1-3 days;


Sixth: long warranty period --- because we have confidence in the quality of our products, we can extend our product warranty period according to the different needs of customers, marine anchor chain we can give up to 2-8 years warranty, warranty Any quality problems during the period are free of charge. Because we have confidence in the quality of our products, we can promise!


Seventh: cooperation with us please rest assured --- we are a company that knows how to share


We are a company that knows how to share, share corporate profits with employees, share profits with suppliers, share profits with customers, share profits with partners, and share the market!


Eighth: we are a company with a culture --- Welcome to Aohai Family!


Whether you are our customer, or our partner, supplier, colleague, or stranger who has never met or met, the team will not easily say No to you! We work hard to create the "Aohai Family" culture with all participants on our platform, so that you can enjoy the atmosphere and emotions of home.

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